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A virtual restaurant was never so easy

AB GO Eats Virtual restaurant has introduced a parallel program to aid the food and beverage industry in uprising and increasing profit by turning existing and new establishments into virtual restaurants.

Clients enjoy a broad list of benefits to increase business productivity while gaining customer loyalty and recognition.

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Curbside Pick-up

The new social needs demand businesses to adapt and ensure customers' safety and convenience. Customers can order online and choose a contactless pick-up at your designated pick-up location to warranty their safety. Your customer will experience top-quality service all from the comfort of their car.

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Contactless takeout

The most innovative takeout solution adapted to new customers' demands. Provides businesses with QR codes to avoid the lines and promote customer wellness. Place your QR code at the entrance or a designated takeout station and let customers place their orders and wait for their meals conveniently and safely.

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AB GO eats geofence technology, combined with our state-of-the-art software and our non-limited delivery range, allows businesses to control their business revenues completely.