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Complete Virtual Server

AB GO EATS contactless order and pays QR code provides effortless table and guest management while connecting and improving kitchen production and payment processing.

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With our digitally friendly QR code, you can ensure customers' safety while fighting back labor shortages. An absolute out of the ordinary dining experience.

It's easy to use!

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scan-qr-d scan-qr-d

Scan a designated QR code per table

invite-friends-d invite-friends-d

Invite friends at the same table to order

place-order-d place-order-d

Place orders as a guest or by signing into AB GO eats account to enjoy an easier checkout by reordering favorite dishes and using stored payment methods.

browse-menu-d browse-menu-d

With a complete virtual server, customers can browse menus, place an order, request utensils and water entirely on their own.

security-purposes-d security-purposes-d

For business security purposes, customers preauthorize a debit or credit card before placing the order and then decide their preferred payment method at the end of the meal

receipt-option-d receipt-option-d

Receipt options include print, text, or email.

Endless possibilities with
QR code solutions

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Power-full tool to build and grow your restaurant


No expensive equipment needed


Complementary customized menu


A complete virtual server


Automatically suggest gratuity at checkout.


Reduce comps and voids—customers can fulfill their orders from their own device


Customers can create a profile to aid businesses in managing loyalty programs


Analytics and reporting tools


Kitchen Display System and printer integrations


Multiple payments accepted, debit, credit, digital wallets, and cash


Time-based menu to ensure promotions like happy hours, since they are available only at specific hours of the day


Help business owners with staff shortage